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Have you seen those 'Hollywood smile' perfect teeth-set on TV? Yes, dr. Devya Linda does them best. She is also a board-certified oral surgeon.

dr. Igo

dr. Teuku Adifitrian and dr. Laureen Supit are board-certified aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeons. Their love of arts and surgery is their life. They believe that your treatment is not only science, but craftmanship with some heart and soul. No single method works for everyone, they will tailor it for you.

dr. Devya

dr. Tompi



dr. Gloria Novelita and dr. Nindita Hapsari are board-certified dermato-venerologist. They specialize in aesthetic dermatology, or in other words, making your skin look fabulous. Lasers, PRP, fillers, and threads are among their favorite. We find the simplest solution for your best results.

dr. Supit

dr. Dita